Network Video Recorders for Colleyville, TX

Colleyville, TX Grayson Pro-Tech, Inc. offers high-quality network video recorders, embedded NVRs and SwitchBox NVRs for your network IP security camera systems. Our NVRs support a variety of network IP cameras and are engineered for continuous operation. They're capable of recording up to 32 IP or megapixel cameras to and are proven solutions to meet a wide range of security applications, ranging from standalone residential, to small business and enterprise-level multi-location security systems. Choose from 4, 8, 16 and 32-channel options equipped with the latest features and capabilities, including remote viewing via the internet or smart device, remote configuration, multiple video recording modes, as well as security-grade hard drives that provide weeks of seamless video storage. Some of our video security NVR options include a unique open IP license which simplifies camera licensing. With open IP license, all video channels come pre-licensed and fully-enabled, allowing you to add cameras as your system needs require (up to 32 channels per system), without having to purchase additional licenses. Need assistance? Our knowledgeable security experts are ready to help you anytime. Call today at 855-338-8078.



Alibi 3000 Series 4-Channel SwitchBox NVR


Alibi 3000 Series 4-Channel SwitchBox NVR


Alibi 3000 Series 8-Channel SwitchBox NVR


Alibi 5000 Series 16-Channel SwitchBox NVR


Alibi 7000 Series 32-Channel Rack-mount NVR with RAID


Alibi 7000 Series 64-Channel Rack-mount NVR with RAID


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